Shariq M. Shah 

شارق م. شاہ

August Wilson House *

Jitney Collective

︎ Hill District, Pittsburgh, PA 
︎ Ongoing

Hill District

Pittsburgh, PA

Ecology, resource, and climate studies through GIS and simulation were rigorously cross referenced with user research and contextual inquiry through interviews, site visits, and documentation of existing conditions.

Community Scale Ecosystem

Spatial analysis and user research of community resources crafted a rigorous understanding of the community networks and key stakeholders in the Hill District. It was important to set up a design framework that prioritized an integration within the existing ecosystem . This invokes an exciting set of community partnerships, based on both data-driven assessments of successful interactions and res-led community initiatives. 

Urban Scale Analysis

An ecosystem of artist makerspaces and community centered production through artist residencies and local community partnerships
Developing systems of performance and art as community building and solidarity strategies
Tap into history and legacy of August Wilson in the Hill District; set up networks of community care to create new artists,

Connect the August Wilson House
Amphitheater to existing and rehabilitated ecological corridor connecting back to the August Wilson Park, Grayson Community Center, and to New Granada

Gradient of networked care - cared for by local residents -- Grayson Center Garden,