Shariq M. Shah 

شارق م. شاہ


︎ Sharpsburg, PA
︎ 2 Weeks
︎ Rhino, V-Ray, Adobe CC, User Research
Our client is a woman who grew up in Sharpsburg, studied environmental justice, and now has returned to set up an environmental and social justice law practice.
She enjoys gardening and growing her own food, and would like to start a slow food movement in her home neighborhood of Sharpsburg, helping her neighbors to grow their own food and engage with her community. At the same time, she values her privacy and alone time, spending that time reading and painting. Because of this, she would like her interior spaces to reflect that tranquility and quiet. Also, her background in environmental justice and science gave her a deep appreciation for natural earth materials and both indoor and outdoor plants.

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Mapping Ritual Experiences

Rainy Morning in Sharpsburg