Shariq M. Shah 

شارق م. شاہ

Sharpsburg *

Housing Collective
︎ Sharpsburg, PA
︎ 10 Weeks
︎ Rhino, V-Ray, Adobe CC, User Research
Through a practice of dissecting and reconfiguring the industrial artifact and its socio-political organization of capital, the act of collective dwelling subverts modes of capital extraction and emerges as a practice directly linking residents to their modes of co-creation. 

The project investigates the renegotiation of material ownership as it relates to the way residents share knowledge, resources, food, and space amongst themselves and within the socio-economic ecosystem at Sharpsburg. 

The way in which residents co-habitate, co-produce, and co-speculate the future of their community becomes a revolutionary and subversive mode of re-organizing capital. This proposal employs the tools of...

incremental growth, urban agriculture, collective housing, and waste reuse as modes of capital subversion in response to Othering.

    Dissecting the Industrial and its Implications

Site Section

Early Warehouse Interior Sketch

Program Network
The network of communal relationships develop internal systems of solidarity, where program relationships are defined not by extractive potential but instead by use-value. Residents collaborate in co-created spaces, and the spatial conditions of each zone become renegotiated as use-cases change from upcycling waste material to growing food.

Housing as a Restructuring of Material Ownership