Shariq M. Shah
I am an aspiring Architect pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Carnegie Mellon University. 
I am fascinated with learning, always looking for unique opportunities to grow as a designer. Because of this, much of my work focuses on asking critical questions. These questions drive my design process and inspire opportunities for research, experimentation, and iteration. 
I have always been intrigued by the ability of architecture to evoke emotion and craft meaningful experiences. Because of this, many of the design questions that drive my process are focused around enhancing and crafting multi-sensory experiences. 
Often times, my search for architectural inspiration takes me to the natural landscape, where my engagement with nature provokes original ways of thinking. Outdoors activities like hiking, cliff jumping, and camping serve not only my personal explorations, but also those of architectural education.
If any of my work interests you, I would love to have a conversation.