Shariq M. Shah
I am an aspiring Architect pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture degree at Carnegie Mellon University. 
Before an aspiring architect and designer, I am most importantly a student. I am driven by learning and experimenting, always looking for unique ways to grow and challenge what is possible. You can quickly pinpoint my studio desk as the one piled high with books, magazines, and study models. Methods of research drive my workflow through asking critical questions, investigating conditions, and interrogating the status quo. These critical questions drive my design process, inspiring opportunities for experimentation, research, and iteration. This comes from using a variety of techniques within my process, mixing analog, digital, parametric and computational modes of making. I am fascinated with the multisensory, the multicultural, and the multidisciplinary. My search for new ways of working and thinking has often taken me far outside of my comfort zone. I have had the opportunity to learn about architecture and the human experience in solo backpacking trips across Western Europe, in the works of the Scandinavian Modernists through Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, and at the center of geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East. I hope to use my opportunities to fuel inquiry into the documented and the unknown, the temporal and ephemeral, and the humble and heroic. 
If my work interests you, I would love to have a conversation.
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